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What is the WHOIS directory?

WHOIS is not an abbreviation but simply a phrase for “who is”. In general, WHOIS is a directory where you can find the information of a specific domain like the registrant’s name, address, mobile number and email address. It is not only limited to such information but also displays the domain's registration/expiration dates and more.

ICANN is the authority over all domain names and require registrars like Doodle to provide accurate and complete data of a domain when it is being registered. Unfortunately, this means that the data can then be accessed by anyone with an Internet connection. However we have a handy solution to protecting your privacy below.

How to look up WHOIS information?

Doodle allows its users to search up the WHOIS information of a specific domain; you can find the search tool at the top of this page. Literally, anyone with Internet access can perform a WhoIs search for stored domain information either on Doodle or alternative websites. Does this make you worry about the security of your own personal information?
Don’t worry, read the solution below.

How accurate is the WHOIS directory?

It is a requirement by ICANN to always keep your contact information updated and true. Therefore, Doodle provides the opportunity to check and edit your WHOIS information whenever necessary. Please note that refusing to update contact data or falsifying information may lead to the termination of domains through ICANN’s policies. For instance; if a user detects that the WHOIS information of a domain is falsified, they can complain against that domain.

ICANN does its job in securing accurate information on the WHOIS database and thus it is necessary for domain registrars such as Doodle to constantly validate the provided data. You may also find that some information may not be accurate on the WHOIS directory mostly because domain owners tend to protect their personal data from crooks who intend to misuse this information.

Can you hide your WHOIS information?

Yes, having your personal information on the web makes it easily accessible to the public and thus, can be troublesome. Avoid Spam and a whole lot more with just a domain add-on known as Privacy Protection. If you plan to validate an SSL certificate for your site, then you'll have to disable your privacy protection first. Once you've enabled SSL, you can then turn it back on. Refer to this Doodle documentation on how to turn privacy protection on and off.

How do i change my WHOIS information?

It’s not complex; all you have to do is login to your Doodle account and simply edit your WHOIS data. This process will require just a few minutes of your time. We recommend all domain owners to frequently update their contact information as to comply with the regulations of ICANN and to avoid risking the termination of domains.


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