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BD domain registration qualifications

ccTLDs Areas Requirements Commercial Intended for Commercial entities and purposes. Organization Intended for Non-profit entities. Information Intended for personal names, only individuals can register. Network Restricted to Bangladeshi Internet Service Provider's Infrastructure. Educational Institution Restricted to Bangladeshi Educational institute, college and universities. Academic Institution Restricted to Bangladeshi Academic institute, schools and coaching center. Government Restricted to Government.
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Go local with a bd domain

Deem the benefits when you register a .bd domain name

+What is .BD & .বাংলা ?

These are Country Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs).
It represents the country Bangladesh on the web and BTCL
has the registration authority on behalf of the Ministry of Public Telecommunications (ICT).

+What are ccTLDs?

Country Code Top-Level Domains simply mean domain extensions that represent a certain country. An obvious example would be .BD for Bangladesh. In general, a domain extension is what comes after the dot (for example: the “com” in

+Why use a .BD domain over a .com?

It’s much easier to stand out and reach your target audience. For instance, I would search “iPhone price Bangladesh” if I wanted to buy an iPhone in BD.

Relatively, Google will prioritize local results more when country specific keywords are typed in search engines and thus favours .BD TLDs in SERPs.

+How to register a .BD domain name?

1. The first step is to obviously find an available name. Enter the domain name you’ve come up with into the search option and we’ll instantly reveal whether it’s available or not along with vast suggestions in relation to your search query.

2. Add your selected .bd domain name to cart and confirm payment. Congratulations! You're now the proud owner of a .BD domain and no one else may use that domain as long as it’s registered under you.

+Are there any specific requirements to register a .BD domain?

There are a few requirements you need to comprehend before registering with a .BD domain extension. Most of these conditions have been mentioned above in a nice manner.

You ought to know that it's not possible to include a .BD domain extension directly after your domain name. It usually goes like this “”, “”, “” and so on.

+Is .com extension better than .bd TLD?

It actually depends on the circumstances of your needs. If your site is aimed to bring in visitors from Bangladesh only then a .BD extension would be the ideal choice.

However, it is not necessary and all domains extensions are in a sense equal and initially have the same success rate for ranking on major search engines.

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