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Why choose Doodle-I Inc.?

With more then 10,000 domains under management and we are AWS partner. We will make sure you find the right domain and that it is got a secure home online.

Learn more about our latest generation of hardware,
processors and operating systems

The best performance for your server applications

We offer a wide range of different processors designed for long-term, continuous operation in servers, providing you with a high level of performance in addition to great reliability. We always put our trust in products from Intel and AMD, who are known for their high-performance processors.

Has the time come for SSDs to replace HDDs?

Solid state disks or drives (SSDs) have been gaining popularity because they solve many tasks much more efficiently than conventional hard disk drives (HDDs). Strictly speaking, SSDs are not hard drives at all, but have been described as devices whose memory chips and advanced controller mimic a conventional hard drive, almost like a high-capacity USB stick or flash drive. Whereas HDDs have spinning parts and save data electromechanically, SSDs store persistent data electronically on flash memory using integrated circuits (ICs).

Helping you to get the most out of your server

Solid state drives offer immediate access to data and greater stability due to the lack of moving components that could fail or break. As controllers are used to retrieve information from microchips, I/O rates and access times are much higher than could be attained with hard disk drives and therefore your server's processing power and bandwidth can be fully utilized. The SSD saves all cached data in the process of being written prior to shutting down, which minimizes data loss due to power issues. Devoid of mechanical and optical devices, there is no significant heat, noise or vibration to negatively impact on server performance.

Does your project need an SSD?

SSDs are the right choice as far as servers with frequently accessed files (e.g. large read-intensive file-based databases, storage indexes and high-end storage) are concerned. Read times for data are taking place at previously unimaginable speeds with the right controller technology: reduced read latency times, boot times and application launch times are achieved leading to improved search engine rankings and conversion rates.

High in traffic and in I/O rates

SSDs are perfect for content-rich, dynamic and interactive websites that attract high numbers of visitors making use of interactive elements, transactions and web applications such as video streaming/conferencing, virtual client support and big data analytics. Its electronic data saving process minimizes data errors and ensures data integrity. Finally, an SSD can be used as a high-performance cache and device for data center storage upgrades.

What the Intel® SSD DC S3500 / DC S3520 series offers

This Intel series of data center SSDs is all about speed and reliability. Known for its demanding application workloads, web hosting is where the SSD DC S3500 and DC S3520 excel. Websites load quickly thanks to 20nm and 16 nm 3D NAND flash technology and sequential read and write speeds of up to 500 MB/s and 450 MB/s, respectively. Security features have been devised with enterprises in mind so your data is protected end-to-end against loss and corruption by multiple secure checkpoints and separate memory areas reserved for redundant data storage. In addition, the DC S3500 / DC S3520 series combines enhanced power-loss data protection with built-in capacitors, providing a short period of backup power to the drive allowing it to finish operations in the event of power loss.


Doodlei Linux Dedicated Servers come with the CentOS 6 (64-bit) operating system pre-installed by default. Versions of Debian, openSUSE and Ubuntu are also available.

Managed by Doodlei

If necessary, Doodlei's Linux experts can take the administrative role of your server for you. With this service you still have access to the configuration of your applications at any time.


Doodlei Windows Dedicated Servers come with the Windows Server 2016 operating system pre-installed by default. Other versions are also available.

Maximum flexibility with full root access

Doodlei Dedicated Servers offer full root access (Linux) or administrator access (Windows). You can install any programs or services with full control over access and users.

Plesk ONYX

The simple but powerful web interface of Plesk provides fast administration for all server functionality. In just a few clicks you can access user accounts and settings, install your own programs and monitor applications in live operation.

Save time and money and benefit from Doodlei Server Admin Service
– Give us a call (+880) 1681111888

  • 100% Fast Latest hybrid technology and smart SSD means faster page load times
  • 100% Available Geo-redundancy, Content Delivery Network (CDN) and secure availability
  • 100% customize & Manageable. cPanel control panel as standard.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Well organized, quickly install of WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and more!
  • Maximum security and reliability. Secure your web projects!
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+What is a dedicated server?

Dedicated servers are mostly used by websites that handle a substantial amount of traffic. A dedicated server refers to a computer that is being rented out remotely by web hosts to their customers exclusively. This computer is inclusive of mostly relevant applications and Internet connection.

Like computers that come in various specifications, so do dedicated servers. You can choose servers with numerous capacities to Processors, RAM, Hard Drive, and much more.

+How is a dedicated server different from shared hosting?

A dedicated server will exclusively host your website on its server enabling full access to all of its resources.

On the contrary, resources are limited on shared hosting platforms clearly because multiple websites share resources from a single server.

Let's say you exceed your monthly bandwidth capacity due to a spike in visitor numbers, your site will face downtime and so you'll either have to wait for bandwidth to renew itself or contact your web host to increase bandwidth.

We recommend switching to a dedicated server if you want full usage of a server's resources and need to maintain a tremendous amount of visitors per day without slowing down your site.

+How is a dedicated server different from a VPS?

Well, you can install and use operating systems on both of them. The major difference lies in the utilization of resources.

A dedicated server is basically a computer that is remotely dedicated to you and so are its resources. On the contrary, hardware resources are shared on virtual private servers (VPSs) much like shared hosting.

In general, if you've got visitor sessions that a VPS cannot handle: next up is a dedicated server to solve your needs.

+Why should i use a dedicated server?

Mostly to increase your websites speed and reliability upon traffic spikes. With a dedicated server you can invite tens of millions of visitors to your site and remain stress-free about it.

If you're considering whether or not to opt for a dedicated server, always know that our experts can assist you in determining the needs of your website and if needed, your dedicated account manager can even help you fully manage your dedicated server.

Rest assured your dedicated server is secured with a top-notch firewalled network that provides protection from unwanted access. In the rare event a problem arises, we'll notify you immediately by email.

You can easily monitor your dedicated server on the go from your mobile device by using remote access applications. Our redundant servers guarantee that your data will always be available even if a tornado were to wipe out one of the locations where we store your data.

+What is the purpose of a dedicated server?

When shared hosting or VPS is not enough for your website, a dedicated server is an ideal solution. The performance it provides depends on the components of your server such as CPU, RAM, Hard Drive and Bandwidth.

Dedicated Server Motives:

  • handle high volumes of web traffic (up to millions per day)
  • have access over the complete resources of a single server
  • install heavy applications without restrictions
  • be secure from being affected by other websites
  • test new applications with ample resources at your sole disposal

+How can i manage my dedicated server?

You can use our flexible web hosting manager (WHM) and cPanel to manage your dedicated server according to your needs. You can start using these pre-installed panels as soon as you've purchased an affordable server from us.

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