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Scalable Performance
Expandability is a concern for fast growing websites and thus we offer one-click... more
PHP 7.2 + OPcache
PHP 7.2 embraces multiple new qualities and presents quicker systemizing... more
All of Doodle’s hosting data is stored concurrently on two different physical... more
Webspace recovery
Dominate and feel secure by always having the option to instantly recover your... more
24/7 Support
If you have any questions related to our hosting services or in the rare... more
Doodle’s desirable SiteLock feature constantly shelters your site from... more
HTTP/2 Network Protocol
The latest HTTP/2 network protocol for encrypted data reinforces multiplexing... more
768 MB PHP
Memory Limit
Actively using and extending multiple plugins can exceed the limits... more
Hybrid Technology + Smart SSD
Doodle locates both SSDs and Hybrid Servers on the same platform... more
CDN – Content Delivery Network
CDN is a network of servers that are virtually connected to each other. Doodle... more
Doodle’s SSL Certificate
An SSL Certificate encrypts valuable data passed between a web server... more
Unlimited Email Aliases and more
Doodle’s unlimited packages allow ventures and individuals to... more

Extremely secure and reliable shared hosting

Secure your website and its visitors from crucial threats and continue to deliver astounding projects.

Encrypted data transaction
SSL certificates enable encryption when data is
being transacted and thus safeguards sensitive data and secures online transactions.
Dedicated hacking prevention
DDoS protection secures your website from malicious attacks and provides resistance to overwhelming traffic from various sources.
Assured data availability
Geo-redundancy secures the availability of data; it’s like having a generator that instantly provides data backup in case of failure.
Secure data
storage sites
The sites where we store hosting data are amongst the most secure data centers in the US and the EU. Your data will always be available.

Tech Specifications

Select your preferred storage space and determine the price in comparison to the specs.

Applications & Themes

+What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a form of Internet hosting service that enables ventures and individuals to take their website live on the World Wide Web.

Your web hosting service provider supplies the resources needed to allow people to find and enter your website through web browsers.

+What is a web host?

A web host is the company behind the web hosting services an individual or venture Is being provided with. They provide the required space on a server that’s either owned or rented to allow clients to host their domains on.

In general, a web host provides the Internet connection required for your site to be live and so that users can find and access your site on the World Wide Web.

+Which type of web hosting should I opt for?

There are many types of web hosting out there. Before opting for anyone of them, you ought to understand the needs of your website.

Generally, for small websites you can start off with “shared web hosting”. However if you plan to host multiple sites or want to resell hosting space you can opt for “reseller hosting”.

If you have a more professional need to handle a huge number of visitor sessions and still want your sites to run smoothly without failure or you want to continuously upload big sized images and content without limit you can opt for “dedicated server hosting” or “cloud server hosting”.

+How to transfer hosting to Doodle?

It’s easy to switch from your current hosting provider to Doodle. An optional method would require you to transfer your domain to us and to do that you’ll have to get your authorization code from your current registrar.

Once the transfer is complete, the next step is to login to your Doodle account and connect your domain to any one of our hosting packages that offer speedy, reliable and secure performance.

If you don't want to transfer your domain, you'll be required to change the nameservers to match ours from the current control panel of your domain. You can use the nameservers ns1.doodleiinc.com and ns2.doodleiinc.com owned by Doodle. Do remember to keep a backup first as files may be lost in the process of changing nameservers.

+How can I transfer my website to Doodle?

Considering you've configured hosting already, you can follow the steps below to transfer your visible website to Doodle.

  1. Login to your previous cPanel and export all files in your database from phpMyAdmin
  2. Next head on to file manager, then select and download all files
  3. Login to your new cPanel at Doodle and upload previously downloaded SQL and zip file
There you have it, the transfer is complete and your website is now at Doodle!

+What options do I get for building my website?

There are numerous ways you can build your site. For instance, with the coding language HTML or you can use our site builder to quickly create professional websites.

If you plan to build a site with multiple functions, you can opt for hosting extensions at Doodle to build your site. For instance, you can download a content management system like WordPress, activate a theme and download functional plugins to build the site of your dream without knowing even a single line of coding.