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History, Working Territory & HR Policy

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Doodle-I Inc it's not just a name it's a Flag. Doodle I has been trusted name in the leading position in international market. The journey of Doodle-I Inc was begun in 2008 based on web developments and training project. From the basic we solve the problem and provide a best service to our customer and we are fond of to terminate challenging problems. Gradually we acquired the leading position in the international market. In 2010 we set aside our training project and we extension our outsourcing and took a key part in international market.

Territory : Our main focus is to our customer's vision and we provide the best accomplishment to them because we always try to take assignment understandably and by following our devotion and tribute to work. We reach to the position as a trusted technology partner using exceptional mainstream. We have developed more than 1000 Websites and these 1000 experiencing period was our main capital to walk forward by achieving our hard work and specialization for creating individual concern.
At present now we are dealing in a stage only for international market we are devoted to long term contractual business and also our focus for vast applications development. We have also achieved respective position in the platform of vast applications. By following contemporary situation we use modern technologies for our assignment and also we ensure highest quality for our customer satisfaction.

Requirement Procedures: We are seeking for some specific talent who is combined with intellectual thinking and creative minded. We do not recruit who is accustomed for local market. We have to ensure our services in a standard level and world class quality so far we need some personalized person who is having a prospective vision and individual creativity. We are consented to recruit for long term of period. Therefore, we are very conscious to choice the right person as our team member.
There is two portion (Viva and Practical test) of interview which we mention in the first time viva and we notice our applicant's personalities, vision and motivate thinking. On the other side we give them practical test by following our requirements and we select them in different level such as Junior, Mid level and senior developer these ternary position depends on their experiences but practical test is a basic test and same for all.
As a result in average we nominate for short list 5-10 among 100 applicants. and among short listed 100 applicants by clarifying Excellency we recruit 5-10 candidate who is exactly match by following our requirements procedures. Above mentioned terminology is so difficult for us to hire expected employ so Doodle-i Inc has Job vacancies until we find our wisdom team.

Facilities : 1). Work environment
2). Leadership/P.M.S system
3). H.R facilities / Remuneration

We believe that our working environment makes employees feel good about coming to work and also for acquiring positive impact. And this provides them inspiration to sustain in particular day.
We manage our entire system with project management system where we mention every task of their responsibilities, working details, instructions, description and deadline. it is contained also with client's problematic issue, discussion, client's opinion, project problem and management procedures.

Remuneration Doodle-I Inc. favors competitive, stimulating and fair remuneration structures offering an overall competitive and attractive compensation package. Doodle-I Inc. not only offers attractive remuneration package but also lunch, dinner, evening snacks, transportation allowance and other benefits.

Monthly Remuneration: Doodle-I Inc. is committed to remunerate its employee within 10th of each month however HR department will announce if there are any changes on schedule

Yearly Increment: Depending upon the performance, management (with collaboration with HR) will decide the 6month increment percentage. Range is 03 to 50 percent depending upon the performance of basic salary.
After one year, every employee will be entitled to receive 50% of their basic salary that is payable on the occasion of the two Eid celebrations.

Festival Bonus Structure: Eid ul-Fitr: 50% of Basic
Eid-Ul-Adha: 50% of Basic

Other Bonus Structure: Attendance bonus: 1000Tk Bonus (If no late no absence/month) Sales/ KPI bonus: Depends on job role

Special Increment/ Bonus: Depending upon the performance & recommendation, management can give a special increment to a particular employee.

Yearly Leave, Working hours, Attendance Policy: Yearly Leave Policy:
Government Holidays: 06 days
Festival Holiday: 06 days
Casual Leave: 10 days (Payable basic salary)
Sick Leave: 14 days

Notes: Only remaining casual leaves are payable at the end of the year as per the basic salary. Any further leave apart from this will be deducted from the salary.
Any special Leave apart from this list needs to be endorsed from the HR department. Employee must notify the company of his/her sickness within 24 hours directly or indirectly. If sickness is more than 02 days, has to submit a medical certificate.

Working Hours: Regular working hours: 05 days a week, from 10:00 AM to 07:00 PM
Ramadan working hours: 05 days a week, from 9:00 AM to 05:30 PM

Working from home/ remotely: Without prior permission from supervisor and HR, no one can have this privilege however its acceptable if there is a:
Environmental crisis
Political crisis

For more about HR Policies Please check our HR handbook.